Why should I use WordPress for my website?

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Let’s have a look at the best top 10 reasons why you should use WordPress today to create your blog or website:

Why use Wordpress #1 – It’s Free

WordPress is completely free to download, install, and use, as well as to modify.

Many people make the mistake of thinking of WordPress as nothing more than a blogger’s platform and, although that’s what it started out as, it’s no longer the case.
WordPress has evolved though the years to become one of the most versatile content management systems in the world.

A content management system, abbreviated as CMS, allows you to maintain your website with minimal or no knowledge of HTML. Anyone can build, retrieve and update content without having to handle the necessary code for the task.

So you can still use WordPress to create your blog, but you can also use WP to design pretty much any kind of websites you would like, that are fully functioning, along with mobile applications.

To run WordPress all you need is a computer, access to the Internet, a domain name, and a web host (depending on which version of WordPress you use —
more about this here).

Why use Wordpress #2 – It has a Huge Community (Wordpress help)

It is open source — this means that the source code is free for anyone to look into, study, and modify for their own use.

The nature of open source software lends itself to being community software, which means that WordPress is maintained by a group of volunteers. Most of these are consultants for WordPress; that is, people who have an active interest in seeing it grow and evolve even further. Any person can make a contribution to WordPress — writing patches, plugins, creating a theme, helping to answer support questions, updating documentation and translating WordPress for other users.

When you opt to download and use WordPress, you will become a part of that huge community. Multiple people can help you out with your WP site. In fact, WordPress provides the best support you would ever wish for through the team of engineers who work diligently through forums, support pages, email and chat.

You will also be eligible to download free themes, plugins and, when you have gained some experience, to give something back to the community

Why use Wordpress #3 – It Is Easy to Learn

Millions of people use WordPress on a daily basis, and new people are entering the community every day when they make their very first website powered by WordPress. The biggest reason why people choose WordPress is that it is so easy to learn and is very easy to use.

There are plenty of how-to guides, detailed articles and explanations, as well as a support system that helps newbies to the community get set up and learn their way around. These are there for you to use, written and provided by people who have been in the same situation as you, so make use of them.

Why use Wordpress #4 – It is Easy to Use

Millions of people are using WordPress because it is a WYSIWYG editor. That simply stands for What You See Is What You Get editor. It is similar to using Microsoft Word and other word-processing software. The good thing about using WordPress is most of the hard work in building a website, such as coding, is already done for you.

Basically, you will never be forced to write a code; you can download a new appearance and add content without typing in a code. However, you are free to switch the content editor to HTML mode and format your post according to your requirements.

Your site is especially scalable in that you can add new pages onto your site as necessary. You can always protect content by setting up a password, and upload and display images in different layouts.

Another great thing is that you can even schedule posts to publish on a set date; thus allowing you to write posts in advance.

Why use Wordpress #5 – It has Thousands of Different Designs to Choose from (with Themes)

Most people who use WordPress are in no way experienced programmers or web designers. In fact, most people who start using it have no experience or even knowledge of designing a website.

So, why is it so popular? Simply because it contains many thousands of different templates, many of them free, that you can choose from, to give your website the kind of look you want, without the expense or work of a web designer. To be fair, no matter what the subject of your website, there will be a theme that will match it, whether it’s photography, car renting, hotels, pets or whatever you choose to base your site on.

Not only that, you can easily customize any WordPress theme to suit what you want because most come with an options panel — you can change the color scheme, upload a new logo, change the background for something more suitable, make sliders, and do lots of other cool and fun things to give your website the personal touch. And you get all of this without writing one single piece of code!

Right now, there are more than 4500 different free themes all of which can be downloaded at wordpress.org and used on any website. There are even more themes that you can buy on the net. They are called premium theme and cost an rarely cost over $60, but offer a lot more functionalities and customization possibilities.

Why use Wordpress #6 – It has Plugins that add more Flexibility to WP

Another cool thing about WordPress is that you can install what are called plugins. A plugin is a software that can be added to WordPress with the click of the mouse. You can use a wordpress plugin to add amazing features to your website such as: a contact form, a ecommerce store, a professional image slider, a SEO optimizer, a email list and so much more. There are thousands of plugins that can be added to a WordPress website.

Similar to themes, there are thousands of plugins, free and premium, that you can use to add extra functionality to your WP site. Right now, there are 47,000 different free plugins, that can also be downloaded at wordpress.org and used on any website.

Why use Wordpress #7 – It Is Search Engine-Friendly

Because it is written with standard-compliant, high-quality code, and it produces semantic markups, it is very friendly when it comes to search engines. WordPress is enhanced for SEO, what we call SEO friendly, and it can be made even more so if you choose to use an SEO plugin. You will be able to add keywords, descriptions and other pieces of meta information onto your WordPress page. Things that can help your website positioning in search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Why use Wordpress #8 – It Is Easy to Manage and Migrate

WordPress has an updater built in to it that lets you update plugins and themes from your admin dashboard. It will also tell you when WordPress itself is ready for an update to a new version so you can stay up to date with a simple click of a button. You can also set up regular automated backups to keep your content safe.

With WordPress web interface, anyone can work on a website from any Internet enabled device, including computers and mobile devices alike.

This amazing open source package makes it easy to manage a website at the location of one’s choosing.

Furthermore, you can easily back up or export your data to another system when it is stored in the MySQL. Once you have downloaded files from WordPress, you only need to upload the files to your server and install. This can be useful for website migration between servers or even on the same server, to copy WP from one folder to another.

Why use Wordpress #9 – It Is Safe and Secure

WordPress was developed with safety and security in mind, so it is perfectly safe to run any website. However, the number of threats on the Internet is growing by the year and there are always attackers waiting in the wings. You should always make sure you have your own virus checker and anti-malware programs installed as an extra layer of security and protection. There are also a lot of plugins available to add extra security to your website.

Why use Wordpress #10 – It is Able to Handle a Number of Different Media Types

When you use WordPress, you don’t have to stick to just using text, as it comes with the ability and support required to handle other media types, including audio, images and videos. It also supports oEmbed-enabled websites, so you can easily embed photos from Instagram, videos from YouTube, tweets and audio from SoundCloud just by pasting the URL of the relevant one into the post you are writing. You can also choose to allow visitors to your site to embed videos in their comments to you.

logo-why-use-wordpressIn summary, the best thing about WordPress is that it is free, highly flexible and very easy to use, and those are the three main reasons why WordPress has become more popular.

WordPress has a large and supportive community because of the above stated reasons. The community issues thousands of free themes as well as plugins to ensure that WordPress works for everyone, regardless of the project type. When you get confused, you can always get support on WordPress support forums.

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