What is WordPress?

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You heard of wordpress but have no clue what it is? So what is Wordpress?

logo-what-is-wordpressWordPress started in 2003 and is now the largest self-hosted blogging platform in the world. It is used to power millions of websites, from personal blogs to large-scale complex websites. WordPress is the most popular open source blogging and content management system (CMS) software.

A content management system is a program package that can handle the management of content whether it is in form of text, image, audio, or video. A CMS can help a web publisher present and modify his content on the internet without the need of in-depth web development knowledge. Basically, all the hard work of setting up the website and its framework is done for you.

WordPress is a powerful (and free!) package of software that sits in the background on your web server (the remote computer where your domain is hosted) and performs all the technical processing that delivers your content to your visitors on their laptops, tablets, phones or whatever devices they’re using. It has maintained steady growth over the years and is stable and reliable.

How Wordpress Performs its Magic

Once WP is installed on your domain, you don’t need to do anything to make it work. It just performs its magic entirely behind the scenes. WordPress provides you a WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) interface, that bypasses the need to know any HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL or any other coding language.

The simplicity of WordPress and its ease of use have made it to where there are more than 60 million sites around the world that use WP as a blog or website creation tool. The odds are you’ll find it to be useful to create your own website, blog or even app without having to pay for a license fee. The themes that WordPress offers are professional and incorporate many different styles so that your website reflects your vision.

WordPress was designed to be extended and be adaptable to different content needs of different people. So, it is easy to use and most suited to meet your small business website’s goals.

Now, it’s not going to produce anything that you don’t tell it to. You need to make sure that you develop your website so it’s beneficial to your overall success, by making it look good to all of your potential readers and viewers. However, WP comes with some functions that will make this entire process a lot easier to understand and use at the same time.

The Free Tools that Help!

The open source community surrounding WordPress has transformed it into an influential as well as flexible product. Volunteer programmers have put countless hours into the development of thousands of themes, plugins and widgets. They are available to allow you to make your website, blog or app able to do anything that you require.

WordPress allows you to do so many things you may have never thought would be imaginable! You can truly create a professional looking website or blog without the expensive costs associated with hiring someone.

To successfully use WordPress, you have to be aware of what makes WP such an efficient option for your website or blog creation needs. To get more information on this, you can read: Why should I use Wordpress for my website?

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